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About HobbySwap

HobbySwap was born with the idea that owners of expensive hobbies shouldn't let them sit for 98% of their ownership. Also the barrier for people to try new hobbies should be low. HobbySwap creates a marketplace where owners can post their hobby equipment for rent and users can find hobbies near them to rent. Browse our featured listings and find something new and fun to do!


Renter FAQ

How much does it cost?

The price of the rental is based on the owner's input. The daily insurance cost is done by our team. Together we believe that these costs give great benefit to the renter and the owner. A renter is able to rent an expensive hobby item for much cheaper. Also, if the renter buys the daily insurance rate the renter is able to rent without a major worry of damaging the item.

Do I need to have a license to rent the motor vehicles?

Yes, you need to have a valid drivers license to rent any of the of the motor vehicles. We also offer renter's the ability be a certified renter. For a small fee and after taking a driving test on similar vehicles, a renter will be offered lower daily insurance rates and owners will be more likely to rent to renters.

Owner FAQ

We want to protect our owner's as much as possible. We strive to make renting your items as painless as possible. We offer two great values to owner's!

  • One, we make it very easy to rent and make money!

  • Second, we want to make the ownership costs lower for our owners!

Therefore if you post your items for rent for 2 weeks a month, we offer reduced insurance costs on your items! It gets even better! The more you rent out your items the more money you receive and the cheaper the ownership gets!

Wait? What about my items? I don't want them getting damaged! Exactly why we offer the insurance for renter's too. Renter's are offered daily insurance coverage while renting your items. We also hold a deposit in escrow while the items are being rented out. Again our owner's are very important to us and we will do our best to handle any problems that arise.

Featured Listings

Water powersports

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Posted by: travis

Land Motorsports

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Posted by: travis

Water powersports

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Ski boat

Posted by: travis